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          Corporate Industries

          • Solar Power Industry

            Solar Power Industry

            Solar energy makes a new life. Linuo Group, a leading manufacturer of solar energy industry, is the only winner of Second Class National Award for Science and Technology Progress and has the only National Enterprise Technology Center in the branch.

          • Healthcare Industry

            Healthcare Industry

            Health is of priority for all humankind. Linuo Group, a competitive enterprise in the healthcare industry, has distinct advantages in sections like western medicine, TCM, Ejiao, and API. Winning the First Class National Award for Science and Technology Progress demonstrates the contribution and the strength of Linuo Group in healthcare industry.

          • Special Glass

            Special Glass

            As a world-class manufacturer, Linuo Special Glass produces pharmaceutical glass, heat-resistant glass and lighting glass products which facilitate our life.

          • Coatings Industry

            Coatings Industry

            Twin Tigers Coatings Co., Ltd. is the pioneer and leading enterprise in Chinese coating industry. It is one of China Key Coating Enterprises and has the largest high-tech coating production base in central-south China.

          • Fine chemicals

            Fine chemicals

            As a world-famous large-scale fine organic chemical company, Wuhan Youji holds the lion’s share in the fine chemical market with its most complete product structure and advanced equipment.

          • Global presence

            Global presence

            With factories or branches in the US, India, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Linuo Group expands it solar power and healthcare businesses all over the world.


          Linuo Group Holdings Co.,Ltd

          Shandong, the base of Linuo Group, is a place full of resources and home to numerous talented people. It takes pride in its traditional culture, with the Mount Tai, the Yellow River, and Confucius as three symbols, which in turn inspired the Linuo Group to realize its enterpreneurial dream.

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          • The origin of Hongjitang

            The origin of Hongjitang

            Hongjitang E’jiao Ffactory, is the predecessor of Jinan Ej Jiao Co., Ltd. of Shandong Hongjitang Group, was founded in 1909. Yue Jingyu, its founder, was from Tongrentang, a well known traditional Chinese medicine family, in Beijing. (Actually, he was the 12th generation and the prototype of Bai Jingqi, protagonist in the TV series Dazhaimen).

          • Hongjitang Ejiao (donkey hide gelatin)

            Hongjitang Ejiao (donkey hide gelatin)

            Previously known as Hongjitang Ejiao Factory, Hongjitang Ejiao was established in 1909.

          • “Twin Tigers” - A National Brand

            “Twin Tigers” - A National Brand

            In 1928, Hankou Jianhua Oil Paint Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Twin Tigers, was established, with a registered trademark “Flying Bear”.



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